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He jumped to the scene after being proclaimed the winner of the  World Chocolate Masters  competition in Paris with brilliant work in both the artistic aspect, as well as in the technical and in terms of flavors. Frank Haasnoot knew how to take advantage of his success to grow professionally and show the world his elegant and creative style.

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At present, this universal Dutchman provides his services as a consultant specializing in pastry and chocolate throughout the world, being one of the most demanded professionals for these services. He also teaches courses in professional curs de prisma.

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His first book In Prisma, his first book, the author reviews his main creations up to the present and accompanies them with new ones, all of them distributed by colors, showing a refined, personal, and cohesive style. A total of six colors that precisely serve as inspiration for the title, that object capable of refracting light into the colors of the rainbow.

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Throughout the pages of the book, the chef wants to leave his mark, his personal and non-transferable style, which is often copied. A much awaited and demanded book by those who attend his courses all over the world, and in which the chef shows the magic of the most creative and fascinating pastry that can be found today through fifty different exclusive creations.

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